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Top of the Chops

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Saturday 9th October 2021

147 Sports Bar, 1st Floor, 7 Chapeltown, Pudsey, Leeds, LS28 7RZ

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The format (see below for schedule)

Event Round Race to
Main Event Last 64 5
Main Event Last 32 6
Main Event Last 16 6
Main Event Quarter Finals 7
Main Event Semi Finals 7
Main Event Final 8
Plate Event Last 32 4
Plate Event Last 16 4
Plate Event Quarter Finals 4
Plate Event Semi Finals 5
Plate Event Final 6

Prize Fund

Event Place Prize
Main Event Winner £475
Main Event Runner up £250
Main Event Semi finalists £125 x 2
Main Event Quarter Finalists £60 x4
Plate Event Winner£110
Plate Event Runner up£55
Plate Event Semi Finalists£25 x 2
Total payout £1430

Important note! All prize funds to be paid electronically – no cash will be kept on the premises. Please bring your bank details to effect immediate payment. As is the norm with events at 147, all entry fees (and in this case, more) are paid out as prize funds.


The event is to be played to Blackball rules. Other than the Main Event Last 64, all start times in the schedule below are approximate – players should be ready to play at all times. Players will be docked one frame if not at the table 15 minutes after being called, and then a further frame at ten-minute intervals after that – this is without exception. If players can arrive before their scheduled start time, the organisers will try to get them on ahead of schedule if tables come clear. There is no dress code.


It is amazing that we have finally got this event on after trying for so long. But please be aware that Covid-19 hasn’t gone away. Please be respectful of players who may not want to shake hands. Hand hygiene is important – there are numerous sanitiser stations around the club.


The bar will be open throughout. The kitchen will be open from 9am to approximately 3pm – please order food from the menu at the bar.


See below for the draw and schedule. The plate will be set up as a separate event on Cuescore and drawn on the day.

And finally….

Please don’t forget that this is an event to give players a chance who might usually “donate” at other events. There are, however, players of differing abilities as will be the case in any event. There are players who entered right at the start and have improved over lockdown. It hasn’t been a perfect science, but we have tried to keep it as fair as possible. The main objective is to enjoy the day. Thank you so much to Gary and Sharon and all at 147 Sports Bar for providing these amazing facilities for us to enjoy. And thanks to Bobby and all the team at the award-winning Prashad restaurant for their kind sponsorship of this event.

The draw

Here is the draw - https://cuescore.com/tournament/Top+of+the+Chops/9840823

This is the first time we have used Cuescore so please do bear with us as we attempt to overcome the inevitable technical gremlins. Please accept our apologies in advance if we end up handing you a good old-fashioned pen and paper!! As stated above, start times are included for the Last 64 but please do try to arrive in good time – there’s a good chance that we will be able to get you on earlier than your allocated time.

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